A 101-year-old male whose birthday was cancelled due the coronavirus asks social media to send out desires|Daily Mail Online

A 101-year-old male whose birthday was cancelled due the coronavirus asks social media to send out desires|Daily Mail Online

A 101-year-old whose birthday was cancelled due to social distancing steps is asking the Internet to assist him reach 101,000 likes on Twitter in lieu of a celebration.

The male, known only as Owen, believed to be a United States resident, is seen in a picture that’s been published on Twitter holding a sign revealing his birthday event has been cancelled due to coronavirus.Instead of a celebration,

he’s now hoping for 101,000 greetings from around the world. Since the global

pandemic impacts older individuals more badly, Owen is amongst the countless pensioners self-isolating. His message has actually gathered huge momentum after being shared by Mohamad Safa, a permanent UN representative, entrepreneur and environment activist from Lebanon. In his post, shown his 78,800 fans,

Safa asks to take 60 seconds to help the elderly man. Owen, a 101-year-old believed to be from the United States, took

an image of himself holding his birthday ask, which announced his events have been cancelled due to coronavirus and requesting virtual likes rather UN permanent representative Mohamad Safa shared the senior man’s plea on Twitter to his 78,000 fans The picture sees a smiling Owen holding an indication which read:’Hello, I am Owen. I am turning 101 on March 31st.”

My celebration was canceled due to the fact that of social distancing. Help me commemorate by getting 101k likes/comments.’Safa contributed to the picture

:’His 101st birthday celebration was canceled since of the effect of the coronavirus. ‘Please share and comment to help us make his upcoming birthday unique. Please leave him a message here. Take one minute and do it for Owen!’People from all over the world rushed to

want the senior male a delighted birthday on Twitter (above)Many responded to the call, wishing the senior man well on his upcoming birthday.’Wow, your looking great Owen

. Have a fabulous 101st Birthday Young Man and please stay safe,’ one composed.’Hey there Owen! Happy Birthday from Sydney, Australia. Keep well and don’t celebration too hard on your wedding day, ‘stated another. ‘Wooo, you are one good-looking fellow certainly! Happy birthday! Wish you the really best! Finest wishes here from HongKong!WHAT DO We Understand ABOUT THE AGES OF CORONAVIRUS PATIENTS WHO GET CONTAMINATED? Chinese health authorities brought

out the biggest ever study on the never-before-seen stress of the virus, using information from 72,000 cases.Results showed the SARS-CoV-2 infection posed the

biggest risk to older clients and those with hidden conditions, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. It also revealed the precise breakdown of the cases that had actually been verified.549 (1.2% )1,408(3.2 %)309(30.2% )312(30.5%) 208(20.3 %)Lots of elderly people

were asked to self-isolate throughout the duration of the covid-19 pandemic to avoid infection.According to tested cases, coronavirus is reported to have actually infected 5,018 individuals in the UK and to now have actually killed 240. In the US, 26,905 cases have actually been declared, 348 resulting in death.It was reported that most of the many of the fatalities recorded across the world have actually been individuals who are senior or suffer hidden conditions, and have actually compromised immune systems.In the UK, Matt Hancock confirmed the government would tell the senior to

stay at house for

up to four months as he confessed the NHS did not currently have

sufficient ventilators

for the fight against coronavirus.The Health Secretary said individuals over the age of 70 would be told to self-isolate even

if they do not have symptoms in a bid to stem the spread of the illness and secure the most susceptible in society.He stated’ we do not desire to do that too quickly due to the fact that clearly it is not a simple thing for people to do, it is not a simple thing for people to sustain ‘but he stated he expected the stay-at-home recommendations to be issued’definitely in the coming weeks absolutely’. Share or discuss this short article: A 101-year-old guy whose birthday was cancelled due the coronavirus asks social networks to send desires The views revealed in the contents above are those of our users and do not always reflect the views of MailOnline. Add your remark Post comment to your Facebook Timeline What’s This? By publishing your remark you accept our house guidelines. Do you want to instantly post your MailOnline remarks to your Facebook Timeline

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