After Rampant Noncompliance, New Zealand Cops Utilizing Social Media Posts to Target Gun Owners – The Truth About Weapons

After Rampant Noncompliance, New Zealand Cops Utilizing Social Media Posts to Target Gun Owners – The Truth About Weapons

After Rampant Noncompliance, New Zealand Authorities Utilizing Social Media Posts to Target Weapon Owners

However Jacinda Ardern said she only wished to seize milintary-style semi-automatic weapons. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

New Zealand doesn’t have guns registration so police are getting imaginative in discovering other methods to identify who owns them. And they’re apparently targeting critics of PM Jacinda Ardern’s failed gun-grabbing scheme.

This is for a lever-action.22 LR that’s created to strike paper or be used to hunt bunnies. What happened to pursuing the “weapons developed to eliminate people” as the cops minister Stuart Nash has claimed?The implications of this are

rather sensational. I took the image and publicised the details about this gun as part of the choose committee procedure. This good-faith evidence was utilized by the authorities as a validation for their raid. Do we now live in a nation where public proof provided to a select committee will be used versus you to fit the political purposes of the cops? Anybody who’s publicly talked about or published a photo of their grandfather’s little.22 LR pump/lever action can get robbed, as these rifles all had 10 +capacity prior to the exorbitant brand-new guidelines. Admitting you had one a year ago is factor enough to necessitate a raid on your residential or commercial property today. I expect it’s no coincidence that I explained in a short article last month simply how bad the numbers

are when it comes to compliance. When I said that New Zealand gun owners aren’t”rolling over for anybody”, this is not rather what I had in mind– once again, why raid the guy openly explaining the reality? I have actually been vocal about my opposition to a number of this government’s policies. I live an extremely conservative life and hold conventional conservative views

which I am public about. I’ve never promoted non-compliance and was rather stunned by how low the numbers really were. This left me wondering: was this a politically inspired action by somebody high-up in the bureaucracy ordered to make examples?This is numerous steps past the start. Soon enough, prematurely truly, individuals will be looking at the horrorand wondering how their beautiful New Zealand fell so far, so quickly into a distopia. The polices, who threatened the guy’s family

more than likely determine as conservatives

. This is an example of how the criminal gang members are better protectors of Liberty, than the law abiding topics are. The police officers pursue the home loan holders who value wealth over Liberty, due to the fact that the gang members will justifiably put hot lead into to the officers, if they attempted to deactivate them. Thankfully, the second Modification is not a death pact for the Citizen, where the Resident has to enter into a gun fight while out numbered by armored cowards, who mean the Person’s family harm. The 2nd ways that Person can fulfill his apprehending officer, district attorney and judge from a couple hundred yards away with rifle

rounds, sometimes of the Person’s picking. If you have to conceal them or have to lose them. If you can not use them And it’s fing dumb! Appears to me the one that day that are the ones that won’t resist! That’s due to the fact that maybe you don’t know what it indicates either. Geoff”I’m getting too old for this shit”PR states:”And it’s fing dumb! Appears to me the one that day that are the ones that will not resist!”* Rolling Eyes * Does it

actually need to be spelt out for you? What it suggests is, you retrieve them at a time

of YOUR picking

, not the government’s, when you do resist. Is that clear enough for you, dumb-ass? Boogaloo says: So, you confess you have acquired guns at some point? We will concern check if you really lost them.

We have weapon detection pets, metal detectors and

scanners. You won’t mind due to the fact that you do not have anything to hide

. Ensure to file an appropriate report of where you lost your guns so we can get divers down there. The general public is in danger if we can’t get those guns.

“We will concern examine if you truly lost them.”Let’s break this’genius ‘idea down, shall we? Call it 100 million gun owners, basically.

A couple of thousand police officers searching for those weapons. Do the

mathematics … Absolutely, officer, come right

in!( BANG, BANG)Honey, bring the shovel! No, he never ever showed up here. Have a nice day!(

BANG, BANG)Honey, bring the

shovel! Who? Why would you believe he came here? You have nobody to send, you require me to come in? Sure, I’ll exist tomorrow. Haha. Don’t hold your breath. The Crimson Pirate says: When it is time for good people to hide their firearms, it is time to utilize them. More or less, this. This isn’t early America any longer, you can’t just shoot as soon as from the bushes and vanish into the night.

Its not even the old west days where guys were on equal standing versus gang members in blue. These days, its either all or nothing, and one ought to expect to be discovered on numerous video cameras going to or from the location. Data is damning. The majority of people just aren’t familiar enough with surveillance age warfare to be efficient in anything but being another dead “crazed gunman” on the night news.

People are too entrenched with their houses, families, pastimes, money, etc, to go all in, so they wait on others who do not have a lot of attachments to get fed up and raise the black flags. When that occurs, everybody else will take part.


avatar LarryinTX states: Arc, if we’re going to be concerned about that, we require to begin shooting cams long before we

start shooting the government.< img loading="lazy"src =" data: image/svg + xml, % 3Csvg % 20xmlns =''%20viewBox='0%200%2060%2060'%3E%3C/svg%3E"class ="avatar avatar-60 avatar-default"height ="60" width="60"style =" width: 60px; height: 60px;"alt="avatar" data-lazy-src=" "> rosignol says: They make some remarkably little cams nowadays.

Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit “PR says:” When it is time for good people to

conceal their firearms, it is time to utilize them.” A lot smarter move is to utilize them against the

opponent at a time and location of your choosing, not the enemy’s. Make them the ones losing sleep not knowing where they may be. Or perhaps if they exist at all. After all, guessing incorrect can go very terribly for them. In a totally free country, the government

fears individuals. With tyranny, individuals fear the jack-boot of the government. I picked flexibility. After all, it’s a free nation, isn’t it? Why would anyone ever believe any of this wouldn’t be a thing? You think it’s private? none of it is. Your e-mail simply as much as THIS site. What do you actually think all those high dollar server farms were meant for? Do you truly believe it was SIMPLY to handle high traffic loads?

Here we go, folks. That’s exactly what would happen here in our fantastic totally free country if we allow the federal government to take guns away from Americans. Obviously, individuals will not comply. Basic good sense tells us that like food and water, citizens need their guns for self security and their family’s security and to remain free Americans. Similarly crucial, to prevent the government from controlling, controling, and pestering us as Americans.

We should all band together, shoulder-to-shoulder, as citizen patriots of this terrific country to withstand confiscation of guns. The cops state always takes control of its citizens to control them when it takes firearms, without exception. And in an authorities state, citizens are mistreated, frightened, pestered, and even killed for resisting confiscation of their firearms. We, as law abiding gun-owners, can not allow our government(s) to confiscate our firearms under the any scenarios that is guaranteed by the 2nd Change of the Constitution.

You see, the government is informing its people that gun confiscation is for their security and benefit versus criminal offense. Where do we see that criminal activity decreases where weapons are confiscated by the government? Take a look at Chicago. Criminal offense is the highest in the nation in that city where its people can not own a weapon for security from criminals.

No, we will not permit this to occur to us as totally free Americans who wish to remain complimentary. James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, starting dads of our nation, understood that citizens had to keep and bear arms to prevent the government from taking control of its people. These were terrific men with excellent wisdom. We are to abide by what they said and wrote with regard to gun-ownership to stay totally free residents.

As anything you’ve used the web of your phone for in the past year or longer. Google is saving anything and everything about you in case somebody comes looking in the future.

Jussie Smollett judge orders Google to turn over 1 year’s worth of information

When those doing the seizing find themselves under fire by “Grandfather’s deer rifle” as they head house after starting doors, they might re-assess the wisdom of what they are doing.

And there’s historic precedent. Check out the letter composed by the British about their journey to the safety of home in Boston after attempting to get the weapons in Concord and Lexington. Bitter grievances of how the “Jethro’s” “didn’t combat reasonable” as they were chosen off one by one on that long march back to Boston …”… was this a politically motivated action by someone high-up in the administration ordered to make examples?”

Ya believe? Inform us, how hard are they pursuing those gang leaders who declared they ‘d be keeping their weapons; no hazard to “civilians” as they just contend other gangs.

I, for one, anticipate no-knock raids on whack-jobs who state their plans n manifestos on social media. Like the Mosque-shooting whack task who’s big strategy was to initiate an authoritarian collapse variation of Helter Skelter. That is, until his rampage was stopped by a hero with a credit card machine.

On The Other Hand, Huge Sibling fell right into the over response. And continues. By pursuing a man peacecully engaged in the political conversation.

Seems clear who the apparatus thinks is the opponent.

That individual isn’t so smart. They do not comprehend the circumstance they reside in. They have been well indoctrinated to believe the State is their pal.

“Friend, why do you do this to me?”

“Do we now reside in a country where public proof provided to a select committee will be utilized against you to suit the political functions of the cops?”

The brief response is yes. NZ’s head of state is also a member of a “Socialist International” so is comes as not great surprise to me that NZ polices are now turning themselves into cops state enforcers. Socialists do what socialists do. It continues to amaze me how a lot of “progressives” (and I use the term derisively here) really believe that an bureaucratic-administrative state run by “specialists” will in some way secure liberty and liberty. It will not. What’s taking place now in VA and what is Bloomberg, Sanders, and the rest of the Democrat confederacy of dunces propose is merely NZ’s brand of socialism writ big. I know there are a couple of liberals drifting around here and, understanding what we understand, I have to wonder how they can continue to support Democrat candidates?

TTAG is social networks.

“Individuals like this who think that the Republican party gives a rat’s tail about their rights are the problem.”

Given there are just three choices (Really Bad, Bad, Does Not Matter), what option do you propose?

“Do we now reside in a country where public evidence provided to a select committee will be used against you to fit the political functions of the police?”

Sounds like the US and air travel (REAL ID, No-Fly List, and so on)
Or the United States and digital privacy (FISA courts).

We need to be on guard too.

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