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Pelosi and Schumer Had Their State After Trump’s Speech– However Their Awkwardness Had Social Network Distracted

January 9, 2019, 8:49 am 1.5 k Views 1 Votes< img width ="758"height="423" src=""class="attachment-bimber-grid-2of3 size-bimber-grid-2of3 lazyload wp-post-image" alt =""itemprop="contentUrl" data-src=""data-expand="600"data-srcset=" 1720w, 300w, 768w, 1024w, 192w, 561w, 1122w, 364w, 758w, 608w, 1152w, 86w, 172w, 313w, 662w, 1324w"data-sizes="(max-width: 758px)100vw, 758px"> A minimum of they have people talking.Tuesday night, President Donald Trump provided a speech about border security and immigration. Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer provided a reaction speech to require a better solution than a border wall.However, people were not taking note of what they were saying however rather explaining the extremely awkward framing of the speech.Some users pointed out the similarity

to fictional characters: I can’t be the only one that sees this!.?.!— Cabot Phillips(

@cabot_phillips ) January 9, 2019 I’m keep seeing George and Lucille Bluth.!.?.!— Scott Lincicome(@scottlincicome) January 9, 2019 Schumer and Pelosi remind me of That 70s Program.!.?.!— Ken Haddad(@KenHaddad) January 9, 2019 Others explained how the set looked like disappointed parents: When mother and father are dissatisfied in you

.!.?.!— Gabby Orr (@gabriellahope_ )

January 9, 2019 we’re not mad, we’re just disappointed your daddy and

i are going to take turns talking to you now!.?.!— Adam Weinstein(@AdamWeinstein) January 9, 2019 Either they’re about to tell their children they’re * really * disappointed in them, or they’re distancing themselves from crazy Aunt Zelda who always invites herself over your house!.?.!— Andrew Podob (@ponderingpodob) January 9, 2019 They appear like rich moms and dads being told their loutish son just got tossed out of college once again!.?.!— Allahpundit( @allahpundit)< a href=" "> January 9, 2019 “Your mother and I want to discuss your flag addiction. It’s out of control.”!.?.!— ryan teague beckwith(@ryanbeckwith) January 9, 2019 The majority of were simply stunned at how bad it was

: It’s appropriate to call reporters to account for concentrating on “optics” instead of substance. Considering how substance-free tonight was– from Trump and from Schumer and Pelosi– perhaps we can be forgiven for noting that the two Democratic leaders appeared to be embalmed.– Jeff Greenfield(@greenfield64) January 9, 2019 Where does one start to try and make sense of anything Pelosi has to say? Schumer looks like he wishes to punch someone?I see Mo and Curly, however where’s Larry?!.?.!— Terri Green(@TerriGreenUSA) January 9, 2019– andrew kaczynski( @KFILE) January 9, 2019 Democrats had the most convenient reaction worldwide to offer, and this will be the enduring image from it. Merely fantastic and beyond hilarious.!.?.!— Josh Jordan(@NumbersMuncher ) January 9, 2019 Chuck Schumer tonight: Trump’s border wall is”inadequate”and”unnecessary”

Chuck Schumer in 2009: “630 miles of border fence”made our southern border” much more protected “because it”produced a substantial barrier to prohibited migration”!.?.!— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) January 9, 2019 While these reactions are humorous, U.S. lawmakers are not any closer to finding an option and ending the shutdown.

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