Authorities react to social media posts of females being followed in Regina|Regina Leader-Post

Authorities react to social media posts of females being followed in Regina|Regina Leader-Post

Regina police are following up on a string of social networks posts informing of women being followed, cut off or chased in the city’s east end.The Regina Sexual Attack Centre published an account of a driver who followed and shouted at the child of a personnel member on Wednesday night. At about 9 p.m., the daughter was driving on Arcola Avenue near the city limits when she saw a dark-coloured Honda SUV following her, according to the Facebook post.The SUV passed

her, guided into her car and then forced her into the shoulder, according to the sexual assault centre. It then supposedly cut her off once again as she attempted to repel.

“A male shouted repeatedly for her to leave her vehicle,” the widely-shared post said.When she tried to call police the motorist did a U-turn and drove away, according to the post.Regina Authorities Service representative Les Parker verified the lady did call authorities. He stated an advisory was put out for officers to be on the lookout for the man.He said the report followed another account of an occurrence on Monday night at about 11 p.m.

According to a social media post, a lady was strolling with her good friend in the east end when a silver Toyota lorry brought up next to them. The passenger then reportedly ran towards the woman.Police are investigating, including by looking for video of the alleged incident.No one was harmed in either of the 2 cases. Nobody has actually been detained in connection with them.Parker said there have actually been other such reports that authorities have actually not examined in information. He stated it’s often tough to identify whether social media posts, which are often unclear, are reporting an actual crime.He said authorities don’t have adequate resources to evaluate all of the posts.”It’s such a difficult thing since individuals being approached in automobiles is not something we have a code for, so that would be a huge thing to go through them all,” he said.In Parker’s view, social networks posts alerting the general public

to such occurrences can be a variety for cops.”If undoubtedly there is a sinister origin to all of these, then absolutely it’s valuable to make individuals familiar with it, “he said.

“If not, a lot of times it can be overblown.”But he stated it’s constantly helpful for ladies to keep their guard up if they find themselves in a situation that makes them feel threatened.”It’s much better to err on the side of caution. Always put your safety initially,” he said.

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