Israel Folau targeted on social media in wake of Wallabies success

Israel Folau targeted on social media in wake of Wallabies success

In the wake of the Wallabies record-breaking six-try effort versus the All Blacks, it was never going to be long before thoughts turned to Israel Folau.

It was constantly going to happen.

The 47 points yielded by the All Blacks was the many in their history– against any opponent. Conclusion? They’re not a bad group without the questionable Folau.

Former Wallaby Peter FitzSimons– an outspoken critic of Folau– fasted to stick the boot in.

“There was a player missing … I can’t keep in mind, what was his name? Is it Israel? What took place to that chap?”

Twitter was even less forgiving.

The Wallabies truly missed out on Folau tonight …– Peter van Onselen (@vanOnselenP) August 10, 2019

Folau leaves Wallabies. Wallabies finally beat the ABs.Is that you, God?

— Kaz M (@KarinMary1) August 10, 2019

I wish to thank @IzzyFolau for praying for a Wallaby win last night.

— Scott Dooley (@scottdools) August 10, 2019

Hey @IzzyFolau, you sit there and you thump your Bible, and you say your prayers, and it didn’t get you anywhere. Discuss your psalms, speak about John 3:16 …
Nic White 3:16 says we simply whipped their ass! #BledisloeCup #AUSvNZL!.?.!I trust all of you Rugby fans have

discovered. The god fearing??? #IsraelFolau fucks off, and the #Wallabies offer the #AllBlacks a solid hiding. God had actually spoken, the Wallabies are much better off without Israel Folau !! Hallelujah Rugby Aus tears up Israel Folau’s contract and the Wallbies finally beat
the All blacks? That’s a clear message from God imo #AUSvNZL– anu mathimugan( @deedeewhiteshep )August 11, 2019 Moron Israel Folau gets appropriately booted out of the Wallabies, who then go on to damage the

All Blacks. Karma and cruel gods come in all shapes and kinds #AUSvNZL Think Israel Folau wasn’t indispensable to the Wallabies. #AUSvNZ @IzzyFolau The @qantaswallabies were fantastic last night. #BledisloeCup #Rugby #AUSvNZ The distinction was they played as a group. It wasn’t about someone. It wasn’t about one prima donna. It’s fitting that you weren’t there.

Makes the triumph even sweeter. #AllBlacks!.?.!— Goodfella (@ChiefGoodfella)August 11, 2019!.?.!@IzzyFolau was holding the @qantaswallabies back all these years.Australia looks forward to several years of Wallaby victories now that they have embraced woke paganism.– Preston F Fitzgerald III(@PrestonFFitzIII)August 11, 2019 Nevertheless, some protected Folau amid the barrage of gleeful taunting. Here we go again. @Peter_Fitz and his fascination with @IzzyFolau. Nothing much better to do– johnny NRL_DRAGONS(@johnny_mynrl)August 11, 2019 WHAT !! FITSU is Israel was playlng the rating would have been so much better. NZ was having fun with 14 gamers so what is your point of this thread!??– wayne ritchie (@varminter) August 11, 2019

Might be with Folau it would have been 67.– Bob Blackie (@BobBlackie)August 11, 2019 Taken a screenshot of this for after the Auckland game. Which group will God back there after such a well balanced attack on

a person …– Happyalways(@unhappynow )August 11, 2019

What a nasty bitter old bitch this clod is Peter FitzSimons sledges Israel Folau after Wallabies smash All Blacks!.?.!Fun to mock a male about his beliefs but it states more about your bigotry than his.– Winston Smith (@about_rumors)August 11, 2019 When you make remarks like that after ONE win you are having a hard time.

Can’t ever keep in mind Folau saying he will be missed out on by

the Wallabies or it will cost them wins?– Irritated OLD Soldier (@GrumpyOLSoldier )August 11, 2019 All Black Ben Smith called it before the match, suggesting Beale

presented a larger risk to the All Blacks than the previous NRL and AFL star.”He(Folau) is a world-class player … but Kurtley Beale has got that exact same X-factor, and he’s a quality player too,”Smith stated.”Kurtley Beale is pretty dangerous. He has

an excellent sidestep. “Interview: England flanker Tom Curry ahead of his side’s game versus Wales on Sunday. He says he’s confident that he

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