Liberals implode on social media after Kid Rock buffoons Taylor Swift for becoming a Democrat

Liberals implode on social media after Kid Rock buffoons Taylor Swift for becoming a Democrat

< img src="" > Rock music artist Kid Rock motivated an outrage mob online when he mocked pop super star Taylor Swift for her newfound advocacy for left-wing social justice triggers.

The expression “Kid Rock” was trending nationally on Twitter for his crude insult versus Swift.

” Taylor Swift desires to be a democrat because she wants to remain in films … duration,” he declared. “And it appears like she will draw the door knob off Hollyweird to arrive.

” Earliest move in the book,” he added. “All the best woman.”

Swift had actually been praised by conservatives for remaining out of politics, however was excoriated on the left for not openly supporting their political causes. The pop superstar then came out highly for the LGBTQ lobby with her tune “You Need to Cool down,” which portrayed critics of the cause as ignorant bigots.

Liberals went on the attack versus Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, over the tweet.

” Never ever forget that Kid Rock is an abundant person called Bob in redneck drag whose mediocrity is just gone beyond by his cheesiness,” stated Democratic digital strategist Elizabeth Spiers.

” Kid Rock grew up in a wealthy family on a vast estate, never ever wanted for anything, and developed a bulls ** t image of being a hardscrapping, white trash nation ‘rap artist’ from Detroit to offer shitty records,” responded former Clinton aide Charlotte Clymer.

” Hey @KidRock– who the f ** k asked your sexist & & racist ass? Shut your talentless pie-hole and return to brown-nosing your moron expert Trump,” reacted filmmaker Morgan J. Freeman.

” Kid Rock desires to be a Republican since he knows that he can cheaply rile up his base by making a misogynist attack on a powerful lady,” reacted TELEVISION writer Bryan Behar. “Now THAT’S the earliest relocation in the book.”

Despite her strong statement in assistance of LGBTQ rights, Swift was still slammed by many left wing, for not taking the cause seriously enough.

” Crossing out bigotry as negativity– the word Swift utilized to describe what her song is assaulting– probably isn’t valuable either. Homophobia is a real ideology with a genuine history,” wrote Spencer Kornhaber at The Atlantic. “Informing homophobes they’re dull downers probably will not sway them, and it’s hard to picture that such a message will comfort a number of individuals they target.”

Kid Rock has actually been an avid advocate of President Donald Trump and his policies.

Here’s a news video about Kid Rock’s tweet:

Kid Rock Blasts Taylor Swift’s Politics With Raunchy Tweet

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