Social media in hysterics after photo of blue bin that ‘identifies as a green bin’ is shared|Daily Mail Online

Social media in hysterics after photo of blue bin that ‘identifies as a green bin’ is shared|Daily Mail Online

An image of the blue bin was posted on social networks after someone had wrote ‘I recognize as a green bin’ on the side of it

Social media users have been left in hysterics after a photo of a blue wheelie bin went viral when someone wrote on in that it ‘identified as a green bin’.

The picture reveals a blue bin which has scrawled in black marker on the side of it the words ‘I determine as a green bin’.

The post was originally installed on the Scottish Banter Facebook page and has since received nearly 3,000 remarks, and has been shared nearly 5,000 times.It was put

up with the caption ‘no bin issues any more’, and considering that Wednesday night, it has received 16,000 likes.Many users took the opportunity to make jokes, with one saying’ I thought it was non BINary’. Professional Athlete Tam Khan was one of the first celebrities to have actually shared the post which was then also found by Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan.Piers retweeted the image, which offered it even more traction.Social media users were left in hysterics after seeing the post which was shared by the Scottish Small talk Facebook page But one social media user took exception and composed:’ I do not like you Morgan, you are a bully.’ What is non-binary? Individuals who identify as non-binary are also part of the LGBTQ +community.Identifying as non-binary methods that you don’t see yourself as neither a male or woman. In many cases, individuals who are non-binary choose to be described as’ them’ or’ they ‘. Being

non-binary relates

to a person’s gender instead of the characteristics an individual may have.

The bulk of users were able to see the funny side and it prompted hundreds of remarks and jokes, including from one twitter user Michelle Murdoch who composed: ‘Extremely brave bin to come out and determine as something else.’ Hope it gets the support and counselling it needs.’ Others such as George Ross commented:’ Brillant’, while David Graham said: ‘Outstanding.’ Gi Jane stated:’ I believed it was non BINary.’ Andrew Ferguson commented:’ Who are we to tell it otherwise?’@RichardLCoulson stated:’ If somebody took it, would it then be a has bin?’@graham1eighty commented:’ This wins Twitter today. ‘Jokingly @fredtomas said:’ It’s not a bin anyhow it’s a wheelbarrow.’ Share or talk about this short article: Social network in hysterics after image of blue bin that’ recognizes as a green bin ‘is shared Share what you think No comments have up until now been sent. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue survive on our message boards.< input type=" checkbox "id=" handlePostToFacebookInput" name=" handlePostToFacebookInput" > Post remark to your Facebook Timeline What’s This? By publishing your comment you accept our rules and regulations. Do you want to immediately publish your MailOnline comments to your Facebook Timeline? Your comment will be published to MailOnline as normal. Do you wish to immediately post your MailOnline comments to your Facebook Timeline? Your remark will be published to MailOnline as normal We will instantly post your remark and a link to the newspaper article to your Facebook timeline at the same time it is published on MailOnline. To do this we will

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