The Social Media Giants Threaten Our Elections – The Rush Limbaugh Show

The Social Media Giants Threaten Our Elections – The Rush Limbaugh Show

RUSH: New York City Daily News, headline: “More Than 20% of Millennials Claim to Have No Buddies, Says a New Survey.” No new friends, no old buddies, and no pals. Twenty percent of Millennials declare to have no buddies. What are they doing? Where are they doing it? It takes me back to social networks, and this actually … My point here on social networks is rooted to recently when some conversation showed up of Russia collusion and all that.

I believed that my fantastic concern is not Russia and interfering in the elections, meddling in the elections. The Russians have actually shown that whatever they did had no effect whatsoever. And as Barack Obama has specified, it would be impossible to tamper with our elections the method the Russians are stated to have actually tampered. Ballot devices, tampering with the vote count, they couldn’t do it. Are there other ways? And to get me into this. “Former Google …” It’s a heading. “Former Google Engineer Says Google Will Attempt to Avoid Trump’s Reelection.”

Now, this, to me, deserves focusing on. Here are the details: Friday on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show, “Google engineer Kevin Cernekee argued there was political bias” at Google. “Cernekee claimed to have actually been bullied and ultimately fired for his right-wing beliefs. Cernekee said it was his view that Google would try to prevent President Donald Trump’s re-election in 2020.” Now, without going into information how they’re gon na do that … Well, here’s what he said. He said, “I think that’s a major danger. They have honestly mentioned that they believe 2016 was an error. They thought Trump needs to have lost in 2016.

“They truly desire Trump to lose in 2020. That’s [Google’s] program. They have actually extremely prejudiced individuals running every level of the business. They have a fair bit of control over the political process. That’s something we must truly stress about.” He’s precisely right, and what he’s discussing when he stated they were extremely dissatisfied, exists is a video of Sergey Brin and Sundar Pichai (the CEO) having a staff conference with the upper-tier of executives at Google on the Friday after the election in 2016, and they’re all shell-shocked.

Sergey Brin, one of the cofounders, is at the podium talking about (summarized), “Well, this is the last thing we believed was gon na occur. This is the last thing that we desired to take place,” and asking, “What are we gon na do to repair this?” They were personally– personally, not corporately, folks! This was a meeting where they were personally impacted by this! They were personally ravaged by this! It wasn’t gon na have any effect on Google’s service. It wasn’t gon na be pro or con Google’s organisation. This is purely personal with these individuals, and I think that everyone needs to be focused on that. This is not simply Google’s marketing and Facebook selling marketing and Cambridge Analytica and all that.

I believe it’s a far, far bigger risk that Google and Facebook present due to the fact that the threat is that they position is mainly invisible. They’re not on the cutting edge. Google is not out manning phone banks. They’re not running around town signing up voters per se. What they are doing is engaging in continuous human adjustment. And I believe this is a circumstance that we’re on the verge of seeing ended up being truth.

Now, we have actually all heard the stories about how Google and Facebook are censoring conservative content. Entire websites, entire blogospheres, individuals, and then an individual tweet. I had a pal who just clicked a link to the website the Gateway Pundit and Facebook sent them a warning stating that this is a dangerous website. You need to monitor this site. We will be monitoring this site. You ought to limit your use of this website. Gateway Expert. It’s a conservative blog and site that is no threat to Google or any person. These business are entering into the charge card organisation. That means they’re entering banking.

Now, in China– let me address this with Google and the ChiComs. Google operates in China. The same thing as they operate here. There’s an online search engine in China, Google. The ChiCom federal government has informed Google what it need to censor if it desires to operate there. Google happily and readily consented to customize its search engine result to the needs of the ChiCom government. Why? Due to the fact that I think they have a higher compatibility with the ChiCom federal government than they finish with the Trump administration.

Now, the Google employee states that Google is gon na try to beat Trump. Eric Schmidt, who was the CEO at the time when Obama was in the White Home, consulted with Obama I do not know the number of times. Google practically had a satellite workplace in the West Wing, as they shared their technical knowledge with the Obama administration and associated campaign workplaces.

However here’s the risk, folks. I indicate, cutting to the chase here. Google is acting, in the United States, in a similar method that they are acting in China. The distinction is that Google is practicing the censorship in the United States; the ChiComs are requiring that they display it in China, and they’re gladly and readily concurring to it.

It is possible– we may be on the brink of it now– what if Google or Facebook or any comparable such social media operation, what if it ever reaches the point that it has the ability to control or motivate or cause to do something about it with more power and impact than chosen leaders do? What happens if a Google authorized president is in the White Home and a group opposing the Google authorized president is seen with disfavor by the Google authorized president and asks Google to do what they can to shut it down?

And what if Google can? What if Google can use its power social media-wise to marginalize and to make undetectable any of individuals opposing the Google authorized president? On the other hand, let’s state we have a non-Google approved president or non-Facebook approved, like Trump, what occurs when Google has the ability to, or Facebook, is able to mobilize, manipulate, marginalize, or trigger to act a greater number of people in the country than chosen leaders can?

Well, I’ll tell you what’s gon na take place. The elected leaders will then kowtow to Google because it will be plain as day to them that they have less power than Google has. And if they wish to make it through– and I do not mean survive, I indicate, if they want to survive politically, they will have to kowtow to Google. This is a far greater potential issue than anything the Russians position.

And yet Google is viewed as an ally. Google and Facebook are seen as an ally by the whole the Democrat Celebration and the whole left, and there would never be an examination into Google meddling in the election if a Google authorized prospect won. There would be applause. There would be a lot of credit. There would be thank-you’s galore. There would be celebrations and everything else.

Google has actually joined the ChiCom federal government in establishing a social control system that enables the ChiCom government to penalize individuals who misbehave. Google helps the ChiCom government identify them. In order to do service with the ChiComs, Google will help recognize malcontents, protesters, what have you, in China for the ChiCom federal government. And the ChiComs have their own apparent networks and tech abilities to do this.

You let loose something like this, which it has actually been, it has been unleashed. It’s simply a concern of how huge does it get and how complimentary is it to censor and discriminate, but more importantly, join forces with any political movement it chooses to advance that political motion’s agenda. “Well, Rush, that’s no different than any lobbying group lobbying for huge corporations to do it and so forth.” No, however it is. There isn’t a big corporation out there that has the reach, penetration of a Facebook or a Google, that has the ability to punish or to reward or to control.

Put another method, I think people in power whether they are elected in a complimentary society such as ours or people in power in a communist program, when any of those people actively start to fear that social media device has more power leading the people of a nation than the chosen leaders do, then look out. That’s when elected leaders then kowtow. ‘Cause everybody will kowtow to power eventually or another.

And this is something that may be allowed just to slip up– and, you understand, all of it occurs under the guise of benevolence. Google is just attempting to eliminate bigotry. Google is just trying to erase white supremacy. Google is only trying to clean out discrimination. It’s all couched in altruism and empathy and care when it is truly and in fact extremely awful, partisan discrimination.

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