Trainee Fitness Instructor Fired Over Social Network Post

BLOOMSBURG, Pa.– Trainees strolled to and from class Monday at Bloomsburg University.

Something many of them were discussing was a social networks post that is making the rounds.

“I think it’s really revolting. It’s not what Bloomsburg means and it’s a pity that was put out there on social networks for the world to see,” said Catherine Rose, senior at Bloomsburg.

Over the weekend a video posted on social media revealed a Bloomsburg University student included in racist behavior.

According to the university, the trainee was utilized by the school’s athletic department and has actually now been fired.

Bloomsburg University put out declarations on its social media and emailed trainees and professors to let people know what took place.

“This is not who Bloomsburg is. This does not represent any of our values as an organization. We are an open, safe, diverse, inclusive school,” Tom Mcguire, Bloomsburg Spokesperson.

This is not the first time Bloomsburg University has actually done something about it against a student over a social networks post.

In 2015, a trainee lashed out on twitter about little league world series player Mo’ne Davis.

He was dropped from the Bloomsburg University Baseball Group for violating the school’s social media guidelines.

“I do n`t see it altering. It did n`t modification given that I’ve been here and it probably wo n`t when I leave,” Mukalah Upshur, senior at Bloomsburg.

Mukalah Upshur found out about the most current event.

“I do n`t feel threatened, but I’m not going to state that I feel the safest seeing what goes on,” stated Upshur.

Trainees say they enjoy the university took action and their classmate is no longer operating in the athletic training department.

“He must n`t have a position like that if he’s going to have those kinds of views,” said Rose.

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