Valedictorian Stayed Off Social Network, Doesn’t Own Cell-Phone And Never Missed School Day!

Valedictorian Stayed Off Social Network, Doesn’t Own Cell-Phone And Never Missed School Day!

I understand what you’re saying. It’s impossible for a teen in today’s world to totally stay off of social networks and not have a cellular phone but it’s true.Esther Fadumiye is

valedictorian of her senior finishing class, never missing a day in school not even in pre-K. She also has actually kept away from social media platforms as she does not own any Facebook, Instagram, Twitter profiles, ever!That’s a remarkable task in itself as many teenagers today can’t appear to break devoid of the dependency. Her parents not only raised her to be accountable but she is a credit to hard work and success. Her GPA at the time of graduation was 100.03.


NY Post “My parents are both immigrants, so they taught me drive, determination and effort,” Fadumiye informed The Post at her graduation Saturday from Cardinal Spellman HS. “We got to keep at it every day.”

“I’m not better than anyone else. Everybody could do what I did,” she said. “I’m taking it all in, just living in the moment, but there is always things to do, so I have actually got to move on.”

Thanking her moms and dads and God, Fadumiye gave an impassioned speech to her class of 331 at Saturday’s beginning ceremony.

“I’m standing here today since God decided that I can,” she said prior to making a bombshell statement.

“It’s just since of his grace that I have the ability to say this: Hey people, I’m going to Harvard,” she whispered to thunderous applause.Her parents should be

so happy because I understand I am and I am not connected to her. I hope young individuals who are permitted to see this gain some inspiration from this and steer their education in the ideal instructions. An education is way better than popularity. Gradually, popularity fades however an education will constantly exist to draw on and thrive.What do you think about this superstar? SHARE your remarks listed below and include this incredible story to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.Don’t forget to follow the Wayne Dupree Show social media accounts on Facebook, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Google Plus &Twitter.Having problems finding a source for real news links in genuine time, click on See, bookmark and share this resource and then inform your pals and family.The post

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