TikTok: What Marketers Required to Know: Social Media Inspector

Are you curious about TikTok? Wondering how to utilize TikTok for your marketing?

To explore what marketers need to learn about TikTok, I talk to Rachel Pedersen on the Social Network Marketing Podcast.

Rachel is a natural social marketing pro and host of the Social Media Tricks podcast. Her brand-new book is called, I Required Attention.

Rachel shares how TikTok works, how marketers can establish material for TikTok, and more.

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Starting With TikTok

Early Beginnings in Social Media Marketing

Rachel’s experience with social networks marketing started when she was a hairdresser. As she was doing highlights on a customer 3 years back, the client requested Rachel’s help in understanding Twitter on behalf of her other half’s chicken business. At that minute, Rachel recognized that she might not be a social media expert, but she was certainly a specialist in the client’s eyes.

She knew enough to help the customer and her hubby find out Twitter, Facebook, and the world of marketing that had constantly fascinated her.

Rachel started talking to her customer further about the chicken company’s social media video game plan. Within a few months, she was invited to continue seeking advice from for the whole franchise, and the business became her first official social media marketing customer. According to Rachel, whatever simply continued to grow from there.

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SALE ENDS September 27! Growing Her Social Media Consulting Company Rachel now concentrates on creating organic social networks techniques that drive constant profits for popular customers that do 7, 9, and even 10 figures a year in income. She’s helped Fortune 500 companies and famous individuals go viral on social media. So when she started hearing the buzz about TikTok, she immediately acknowledged it’s a new avenue that marketers have not yet explored.

Rachel began utilizing TikTok in winter season 2018. As quickly as she joined this new platform, she wished to understand it as quickly as humanly possible. Although she feels like she came late to the platform, she’s still ahead of the marketing market and an early adopter amongst her peers.

Finding TikTok

TikTok was previously a popular app called Musical.ly, where users generally published lip-syncing videos. The very first time Rachel scrolled through TikTok, she saw video after video of this kind of content. She and her kids joined the enjoyable by sharing their own performance of the song “Infant Shark” on TikTok.

Rachel confesses that it felt uncomfortable setting up her very first video on TikTok, however she posted it anyway. In spite of having only six followers, her first video was seen by 9,400 people by the next day. She instantly saw a huge chance in TikTok that neither Facebook nor Instagram can provide.

Hungry to dive into and explore TikTok, Rachel produced videos almost every day. With extremely little effort and zero spend, her TikTok following grew to almost 2,600 within 60 days.

She attributes TikTok’s development to a variety of aspects. The app has an unweighted algorithm that naturally surfaces videos in the order that they’re shared. It provides hashtags that run without bans or slowing down the videos.

We’re moving into an age of much shorter attention periods. Many people are only interested in things for 15 seconds, like videos you see on TikTok, film trailers, or advertisements. Within those 15 seconds, the viewer gets to choose whether they desire to binge more content. The trick is discovering a method to capture and sustain their attention because 15 seconds, especially if they have actually never become aware of you.

Why Online Marketers Must Pay Attention to TikTok

TikTok isn’t a brand-new platform; it’s a platform with brand-new energy. It uses a lot opportunity for marketers who are seeming the very first of their generation to be on it. Most online marketers haven’t transferred to TikTok in huge packs yet so it’s still a little remote and more like the Wild West. It’s getting traction and being introduced to the masses, though.

Data and demographics for TikTok in 2019 state it’s currently in 154 nations and has about 500 million active users. TikTok has actually regularly remained in the leading 10 most downloaded apps in the App Shop.

Among TikTok’s users, about 66% are younger than 30 and there seem to be lots of teen and college-age users on the site. In Rachel’s experience, hashtags like #MomLife, #MomOfThree, and #WorkingMom are active and constantly pull video content from Millennials between ages 20 and 30. There are a great deal of more youthful mamas and others who appear young, which implies TikTok is a perfect platform for any brand wanting to get in front of this important audience.

I include that physical fitness influencer Chalene Johnson is active on TikTok and she draws in the 50+ crowd. Zach King, who’s understood for having 20 million Instagram followers and is super-famous on YouTube as well, is also active on TikTok and he’s a fairly young person. At a high level, there’s a large range of ages and individuals on TikTok.

Rachel likewise notes users are spending $50 million on virtual gifting on TikTok and the platform is in the early phases of testing a self-serve ads program. She goes into information about both of these programs later on in the interview.

How Does TikTok Work?

The User Experience on TikTok

TikTok includes two side-by-side feeds. The main or default feed on the right features an apparently limitless stream of material that’s been tailored “For You.” As you swipe through these videos, you can follow the accounts, engage with the material, and more. The feed upon the left functions material from accounts you currently follow. You can easily toggle backward and forward in between the 2 feeds.

When you open the app for the very first time, you’re provided with a clear news feed. It does not understand your choices so what appears in the For You feed will be absolutely random up until you begin engaging with material. It typically includes users you do not follow and content you haven’t seen. As soon as you begin following and communicating with other users, the app will begin surfacing similar material and developers in the For You feed.

TikTok provides a variety of content. Much of it is rather entertaining however Rachel warns that some of it is improper and stunning.

Video Formats on TikTok

All videos in TikTok are vertical and use up your whole phone screen. A majority of the content is usually 15 seconds or shorter, but the video have actually since been expanded to up to one minute. All TikTok videos are looping.

I keep in mind that TikTok is very comparable to Vine, a Twitter-owned video platform that was when popular and all of a sudden shut down.

Verified Accounts on TikTok

Like other social networks platforms, TikTok has its own variation of validated status once a specific reaches a specific level of prestige and appeal on the platform. TikTok bestows this acknowledgment and it essentially raises the person’s status to name a few users.

Rachel keeps in mind that TikTok appears to do an actually good job of determining quality creators who are consistently producing excellent content. Confirmation is another method which TikTok supports the creators who are assisting to grow and enhance the platform.

Live Streaming and Money Making on TikTok

Live video streaming is readily available on TikTok, but only as soon as you’ve reached 1,000 followers. While that appears like a low follower count compared to other social media platforms, it’s very challenging to achieve on TikTok without a deliberate method for acquiring and keeping an audience’s attention. It’s simple to get individuals to view your videos, however not to get them to subscribe and follow you.

When you go live on TikTok, your video will be revealed to all of your fans in their feeds. The alert that you’ve gone live is clearly displayed at the top of their feed and on their alert bar. Individuals can then share your live stream with all of their followers, resulting in the capacity for exponential growth on TikTok. Once your live video is done, it vanishes totally and is gone permanently.

Once the capability to tape-record live video is unlocked on your TikTok account, you’ll find it’s comparable to YouTube’s live-streaming item. People can buy virtual gifts within TikTok utilizing one of numerous in-app currencies. The most common one is coins, which are obtained in different packages with real money.

The virtual presents, which are basically emoji sticker labels with amusing names like Concert, Cowboy, and Drama Queen, can be utilized to reward developers for having excellent material. The gifts are available in a variety of values and sizes between $0.50 and $50 and can be converted back into genuine cash, of which the developers keep some portion of.

If your live stream attracts hundreds or countless individuals, you have the potential to make hundreds and even thousands of dollars if each of them contributes as you transmit.

Captions and Hashtags on TikTok

TikTok has a sensational hashtag system, but hashtags are restricted by the short 140 characters enabled for each video caption. This caption should consist of not only the entire video description but also needs to have all of the hashtags that you want to rank for.

Rachel embraced a practice of including a combination of niched-down hashtags, in addition to very general ones to her TikTok videos. The hope is that your video will be discovered in the smaller sized hashtags and after that will continue to rank as you move up into the larger hashtags. The more users engage with your video, the even more up it will rank within the various hashtags.

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Captions on TikTok appear on top of the videos as they play and remain for the period of the video like they do on Instagram Stories. According to Rachel, captions can be positioned anywhere on the screen and are graphic-based text instead of real text.

Adding Bio and Hyperlinks to TikTok

Although the platform currently does not support clickable links within the videos or a swipe-up option, users can consist of a link in their TikTok bios. Rachel noticed an identifiable dive in her website traffic when another user visited her profile and read the URL in her bio throughout a live broadcast on TikTok. It wasn’t a substantial dive, but it sufficed to make other individuals go and look for her website.

Like video captions, the bios on TikTok are also limited to 140 characters of plain text and emojis. The 140 characters can consist of a link to your website; nevertheless, the URL isn’t clickable. You can submit one profile image and your previous ones aren’t conserved in an album as they are on Facebook.

Tracking Analytics on TikTok

Rachel confesses that analytics in TikTok are doing not have. Developers can presently only see the number of individuals have seen their videos and the number of have actually reacted to them. You can also see who has viewed your profile. That has to do with it.

TikTok does not supply group data on your fans or users who’ve engaged with your content on the platform.

What Marketers Need to Know About TikTok

Users Are Turned Off by Sales

When it pertains to TikTok, videos that are overproduced, too corporate, or overtly advertising tend to stimulate outrage. Rachel has seen individuals go bananas in the comments when they sense a routine user is attempting to sell them something or sneak in an ad.

Rachel suggests putting in the time to research what the material on TikTok feels like and produce videos that naturally mix within this environment. Watch other people’s content and begin to recognize and embrace the trends you see.

Find out More About the TikTok Advertisements Program

As more individuals are becoming “TikTok-famous,” the platform is starting to check out how to natively integrate advertising. TikTok recently started try out a brand-new self-serve advertisement platform as major brands shout to reach the more youthful demographic on the platform.

I discuss that Macy’s recently utilized TikTok to run a back-to-school project targeting high school and college kids. Rachel recalls alcohol brand names, concerts, huge parties, and musicians being promoted on TikTok too.

As soon as TikTok’s ad program is totally rolled out, online marketers will be able to diversify their clients and offer something beyond Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all of the other relied on platforms we’ve relied upon up until this point. You’ll start seeing more advertisements throughout the feed and alerts in the future.

What Material Can You Create for TikTok?

When you open the TikTok app to produce material, there are numerous various alternatives for beginning. Comparable to Instagram Stories, you can hold down the button for the whole duration of the video to natively tape. You can set up a self-timer and record from a range. You can also produce a series of short sections that come together to form a longer video.

TikTok encourages users to produce native content within the app however allows pre-edited videos to be uploaded too. Users can then add awesome results and text throughout various parts of their videos to make them intriguing and fun. TikTok videos can also be downloaded and repurposed for other platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Determine Patterns

Videos on TikTok are a mix of lip-syncing to original and uploaded music, sound effects and audio clips, rants, and anything else the creativity can produce.

TikTok’s roots remain in music material but Rachel observed that users are moving away from singing along to music and going more towards developing their own snarky performances of songs. The user will sing brand-new lyrics to a song and create a video with an amusing take, imaginative interpretation, or double entendre of the words.

Try To Find Motivation All Over

Start by observing amusing things that occur throughout your life and search for motivation everywhere. Rachel’s standbys for inspiration are Reddit and Twitter. If she goes there and discovers that other individuals like her or individuals in her target audience are heightening or reacting to a certain thing, she’ll make a funny video about it.

For instance, Rachel identifies as a working mommy. She sees that other women online in her age group are sharing their disappointments with being a working mommy too. She thinks that it might be funny to develop a video where she uses a blazer on top and pajamas on the bottom and calls it the “conference call appearance” as a way to reach this audience.

If Rachel is in an airport, she tries to find airport hashtags on TikTok and other platforms. She remembers of the different things others have done and that she can embrace for her TikTok videos. She searches for things she can do in her specific location or while she waits.

Include a Plot Twist

Rachel notifications that numerous videos have a plot twist midway, at roughly 7 to 10 seconds. Things will seem going a specific method in the beginning and then take a totally various instructions that shocks everyone.

The initial shock makes people want to see it once again with a fresh perspective. They get hooked into viewing it over and over. They come back to leave comments or tag their buddies to share it with them. This is the goal.

In one of Rachel’s videos, she puts uncooked macaroni noodles between her teeth and asks her eight-year-old child to stroll on her back. As her child walks on her back, Rachel crunched the noodles in her mouth. Not realizing it was simply a trick nor that Rachel was tape-recording a video, her child began crying quickly.

Rachel believed it was so amusing that she could not stop laughing. With 10,000 views in simply 2 days, her audience obviously loved it too.

Develop Your Own Audio Clips

When you develop and upload a video utilizing your own voice or sound effects on TikTok, you get attribution for that sound forever. This means that any video that recycles your audio clips will ultimately be directed back to your account. Submitting your own sounds is another method to grow and provide some positivity toward your brand name on TikTok.

To show, Arnold Schwarzenegger submitted some exceptionally interesting native audio clips to TikTok and quickly went viral with everybody looking to reshare simply one of his videos. TikTok users are so excited about developing their own videos around Arnold Schwarzenegger’s audio clips that Rachel can’t browse her TikTok feed without seeing somebody utilizing his native sounds.

Individuals were so passionate about it that when the next video in his feed is an ad for his protein shake, which he also uses the platform to promote, individuals had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to it.

Nurture a Younger Audience

Rachel shares that she plans to utilize TikTok for exposure and development over the next year. She’ll do this by supporting a younger following on the platform and preparing this audience to know who she is in the next 10 or 20 years.

Establish Training and Drive Business Goals

Many people haven’t understood that TikTok video offers the ability to pitch or develop trainings. The majority of creators get on and simply develop videos about their routine life– placing on makeup, practicing an instrument, or playing a video game as individuals do on Twitch.

Rachel plans to introduce live videos that train people how to become social media supervisors and strategists. Her strategy is to use these live trainings to drive traffic to her lead magnets and grow her email list.

Discovery of the Week

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TLDR This is available online as a websites and as a Chrome or Firefox web browser extension.

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Key Takeaways From This Episode:

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