Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar [150+ Social Media Templates & Examples For 2019] – Venngage

It seems like there’s a social media holiday for literally everything.

Some of these holidays are delicious, like National Donut Day, while others are adorable, like Bring Your Pet To Work Day.  

Like many other people, I used to think all of these social media holidays were ridiculous…and some are, like Wiggle Your Toes Day.

But these silly holidays are also a prime opportunity to create some stellar social media content.

With a calendar full of social media holidays, you will never be left without an idea for a post. Plus, they give you an opportunity to reinforce your brand voice, share your company culture, and engage with your audience in a genuine way.

Not sure which holiday to start with? We’ve got you covered. Consider this your ultimate social media holidays calendar.

Plus, unlike many other social media holiday calendars, we’ve included 100+ examples of social media holiday visuals AND social media templates for each holiday!

Ideal Tone: Positive & Inspiring

Start your social media holiday calendar off on the right foot with a collection of positive and inspirational posts. Try to keep your content somewhat professional and wish your followers luck in the new year!Happy New Year Social Media Holiday Template copy

Ideal Content: Customer Images, User Generated Content, Brand Photos
If you have any branded stickers, send them out to your favorite customers and get them to share a photo of them with the stickers. Company swag is a simple way to get your branding out in the real world and get some unique user-generated content.

Ideal Tone: Respectful & Inspiring

Ideal Content: Quotes, Fact Sheets

Keep your social shares on MLK Day very measured and respectful to his legacy. I would recommend taking one of his famous quotes and turning it into a Twitter or Instagram image.

If you would like to create a social media quote, the templates below would work very well:

January 23rd – National Pie Day

Ideal Content: Team Photos, Branded Images, Infographics, Recipes

This is one of the first silly social media holidays of the year, so have fun with it! If you are feeling extra creative, bake a pie with your brand’s logo in it for National Pie Day.

Ideal Tone: Fun & Playful

Create a poll on Facebook or Twitter that asks if the groundhog will see his shadow or not!

Use an illustrated icon or graphic like in the examples below to keep your share light and airy.

Not a designer? You can use some of our icons to create your own Groundhog Day social media image in seconds:

February 5th – Chinese New Year

Ideal Tone: Celebratory & Colorful

Ideal Content: Infographics, Cards, Simple Social Media Graphics, Team Photos, Event Photos

More than 20% of the world celebrates the Chinese New Year, and it happens to be one of the most important holidays in their culture. Chinese New Year will take up almost 2 weeks on your social media holiday calendar, so you can share a lot of diverse content!

From informative infographics:

To simple social media posts and cards:

And even photos of your team enjoying Chinese New Year are ideal like we did at Venngage this year:

Ideal Tone: Humorous & Creative

Ideal Content: Recipes, Infographics, Simple Social Media Graphics, Team Photos, Event Photos, Food Photos

Everyone loves pizza, which makes this an easy holiday to celebrate. Also, there is a plethora of content that you can share on social media from infographics to pizza recipes.

Ideal Content: Infographics, Cards, Team Photos, Event Photos

Valentine’s Day content is tricky because there are a lot of mushy emotions and corny traditions related to this social media holiday. However, if you only create social media images that are consistent with your brand guide you should be made in the shade.

If your company is very formal, use a Valentines Day card like the examples below:

Now if you work a more casual brand, these social media templates are perfect:

February 20th – Love Your Pet Day

Ideal Tone: Happy & Professional

Ideal Content: Infographics, Cards, Team Photos, Event Photos

Another fun social media holiday that you can celebrate in February is Love Your Pet Day.

Especially if you have a dog-friendly office like we do at Venngage.

Collect images of all your coworkers’ pets and share them throughout the day. Or organize a pet day at your office and snap some photos that you can share on Instagram.

I can guarantee that these templates will be a p-awesome addition to your social media feed:

March Social Media Holidays

March 1st – National Employee Appreciation Day

Ideal Tone: Supportive  & Appreciative   

Ideal Content: Team Photos, Event Photos, Infographics

This social media holiday is a fantastic opportunity to give your followers a peek behind the curtain. Highlight a few employees, or all of them, across your social media accounts on this day.

The social media team at Barkley consistently feature team members on their Instagram in an interesting way. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, their feed is a great place to start:

March 8th – International Women’s Day

Ideal Content: Quotes, Simple Social Media Graphics, Infographics

I was not aware that International Women’s Day has been celebrated annually since 1911. So there are a lot of amazing things that you can create on this holiday. Here is what we shared at Venngage this year:

I really like these examples because they feature a simple call to action:

An inspiring quote is a perfect piece of content to share as well:

March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day

Ideal Tone: Festive & Positive

Ideal Content: Food Pictures, Recipes, Event Photos, Infographics

St. Patrick’s Day is a social media holiday that could be tricky because of its association with heavy drinking. So instead of focusing on that aspect, just share a few fun facts about the holiday!

Or pick up some festive foods to give to your coworkers, and share those on social media.

A traditional quote or two can help put out some positive vibes too:

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Food Pictures, Recipes, Event Photos, Team Photos, Infographics

Easter is a fantastic social media holiday because you can celebrate it for more than a single day. Plus  Easter Eggs are a perfect canvas for your creative ideas! Ask one of your most creative coworkers to paint your brand logo on an egg or two. Or just dye them with your brand colors!

If you don’t have time to create some egg masterpieces this year, use these two social media templates below instead. You can add your company colors to the graphic with one click as well:

March 23rd – National Puppy Day

Ideal Tone: Silly & Entertaining

Ideal Content: Creative Social Media Graphics, Event Photos, Team Photos, Infographics

There’s no point hiding that I love dogs. Maybe a little too much. That’s why this social media calendar is full of holidays involving pets!

Additionally, most of the content that I outlined for Love Your Pet Day can be repeated on National Puppy Day.

A holiday like this is another opportunity to show off the awesome culture that your company has. Like in this group photo from POP Pilates:

April Social Media Holidays

April 16th – National Stress Awareness Day

Ideal Tone: Positive & Supportive

Go ahead and add this holiday to your social media plan this year. Use it to help your followers and employees learn a little about stress and how to deal with it. I would recommend sharing something like the infographics below:

You can also schedule some stress relieving events to make your office feel a lot more refreshed.

April 22nd – Earth Day

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Team Photos, Event Photos, Infographics, Quotes

This is one of the first, and probably most important, Green social media holidays, so make it count this year. There are a ton of creative social media images that you can share on Earth Day. From inspiring conservation quotes:Earth Day - Social Media Holiday Templates1

To informative infographics and creative posters:

However, I think the best content for this holiday could be photos from an Earth Day project your team participates in. It’s a good opportunity to put your money where your mouth is on social media.

Ideal Tone: Creative & Imaginative

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Event Photos, Infographics, Quotes

I think it’s a safe bet to say that everyone in your office has a favorite book. If not, maybe you should share this infographic with them, your followers will probably enjoy it as well:

For all the other people, encourage them to share a photo with their favorite books:

A classic banner can also bring attention to this social media holiday:

May Social Media Holidays

Ideal Tone: Out Of This World

Ideal Content: Unique Social Media Graphics, Infographics, Quotes, GIFs

Star Wars is pretty mainstream now, so you can embrace your inner Jedi without much Resistance. Celebrate this social media holiday from a galaxy far, far away this year with a graphic featuring your favorite character:

Or create a font heavy social media header, like in the examples below:

Now if you’re struggling to come up with some unique content, combine something from your niche or industry with the Star Wars universe. We used that approach to create this interesting Star Wars infographic:  

Keep your graphics relatively professional on this social media holiday if they are being shared on your brand accounts. Go ahead and acknowledge all the moms across the world on Mothers Day, like in the examples below:

Or share an infographic that will help your followers celebrate their Mother’s Day the right way this year:

However, if you share something from a personal account, get mushy and sentimental with your Mother’s Day card. Trust me, your mom will love it!

May 27th – Memorial Day

Ideal Tone: Respectful & Thankful

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Quotes

I think it’s important to keep in mind that this holiday was created to remember those who have fallen in the Armed Forces. That’s why I recommend only sharing very simple graphics, like below, on this social media holiday:

If you’re not a designer at heart, you could even modify some of the templates below to fit Memorial Day:

June Social Media Holidays

Ideal Tone: Silly & Entertaining

Ideal Content: Infographics, Creative Social Media Graphics, Team Photos, Event Photos, Recipes

Food holidays are always fun to celebrate on social media, especially when the food is universally loved. Some people definitely love donuts more than others:

So be sure to celebrate this social media holiday with a lot of fun graphics:
National Donut Day - Social Media Holiday Templates1

Either way, your followers will love seeing these sweet treats take over their social media feed.

June 16th – Father’s Day

Ideal Content: Creative Social Media Graphics, Quotes, Cards

Break out your favorite Dad jokes and puns for this social media holiday. Not only will your followers enjoy it, hopefully, but they will also share a Father’s Day card with their own father

You also can take a more serious route with a quote about fatherhood, like below:

June 21st – Take Your Dog To Work Day

Ideal Content: Event Photos, Team Photos, Infographics

Bringing dogs to the office is always a plus in my book. In fact, there’s one sitting at my feet as I write this article.

Obviously, for this holiday, you should probably be sharing photos of dogs throughout your office.

And if you can get them sitting at a desk, that’s even better!

You don’t really have to bring your dogs to work on June 21st to celebrate this social media holiday. Honestly, any pictures that feature your employees’ dogs can be shared:

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Event Photos, Infographics, Quotes

One of the best ways to celebrate Social Media Day is to share a graphic with some simple facts and figures about social media.

These social media graphics are extremely simple but people love sharing them!

Quotes from social experts will also grab a ton of eyeballs on this new social media holiday.

Ideal Tone: Patriotic & Celebratory

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Event Photos, Quotes

Unlike with Memorial Day, your tone on the Fourth can be a lot more celebratory and excited. Use elements that people automatically associate with the holiday in your social media graphics like the flag, fireworks, and more.

Even something as simple as the graphic below is perfect for Independence Day!

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Team Photos,  Event Photos, Recipes, Infographics

Like with National Donut Day, this social media holiday is going to make your followers extra hungry.

Especially if brands are sharing photos of their favorite type of chocolates all day:

An excellent way to combat this collective hunger is by sharing some chocolate recipes and infographics, like below:

Now your followers can make their own sweets, and hopefully share them, and the content, with their friends.  

August Social Media Holidays

Ideal Tone: Light & Fun

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Team Photos,  Event Photos, Recipes, Infographics

The first social media holiday in August is another fun pet holiday! This is your chance to share your feline friends with the world.

If your cat is a little camera shy, a fun infographic will also do the trick:

We wrote a whole post about cat infographics for International Cat Day if you need more to share!

August 9th – National Book Lovers Day

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Team Photos, Quotes

I already have outlined some examples of book-related content for World Book Day. Most of those ideas can be used on National Book Lovers Day as well.

However, if you want to be a little more genuine on this social media holiday, share some photos like these:

Ideal Content: Team Photos, Event Photos, Quotes

It’s pretty safe to say that on World Photo Day you should be sharing photos. Crazy concept, I know.

One of the safest ways to celebrate this social media holiday is just by sharing an incredible photo:

Asking your followers to submit photos of them using your product is an interesting way to engage with them on this holiday. The social team over at Boosted Board did this and shared the winner on World Photo Day:

You can use this social media header to announce the contest as well:

Ideal Tone: Funny & Playful

Ideal Content: Infographics, Team Photos, Event Photos, Quotes, Simple Social Media Graphics

You started the month of August with International Cat Day, and now you get to end it with National Dog Day. Since this is the third or fourth dog related holiday, you can use a lot of the same content for all of them.

If you want to mix it up try to get a picture of a dog with your branding or logo, like below:

Plus, an adorable photo like that can be used for a bunch of social media holidays!

September Social Media Holidays

Ideal Tone: Respectful & Cheerful

Ideal Content: Event Photos, Quotes, Simple Social Media Graphics

Labor Day unofficially marks the end of the summer in the United States. Officially, it’s a day to honor the labor movement and celebrate workers who built the country.

Stick to really simple social media graphics, like you did for Independence and Memorial Day:

You can even take the graphics you used for both of those other holidays and reuse them for Labor Day.  

September 5th – International Day of Charity

Ideal Tone: Inspiriting & Thankful

Ideal Content: Team Photos, Event Photos, Quotes, Simple Social Media Graphics, Infographics

Inspiring quotes are always enjoyed on International Day of Charity, especially if they come from someone like Mother Teresa:

Additionally, you could highlight your company’s charitable works with an infographic like this:

However like with Earth Day, I think that photos of your team participating in charitable work are the most powerful:

Ideal Tone: Exciting & Informational

Ideal Content: Team Photos, Event Photos, Maps, Simple Social Media Graphics, Infographics

World Tourism Day was created to highlight how tourism can be a positive driver of growth and sustainability.

You could share photos from your team’s favorite travel destinations.

But if you really want to stand out, I would recommend sharing some fun facts about your company’s hometown or country.

Simple travel tip infographics will also be appreciated on this day:

October Social Media Holidays

October 1st – International Coffee Day

Ideal Tone: Caffeinated

Ideal Content: Team Photos, Event Photos, Creative Social Media Graphics, Infographics, Recipes

At Venngage we might have a slight coffee addiction. It doesn’t help that our office is on top of a coffee shop as well.  

So we definitely celebrate this social media holiday each year with gusto.

Infographics about brewing coffee:

And authentic photos from your team members will be appreciated by your followers.

Especially if your brand is in the tech or marketing world, where coffee runs everything.

October 16th – Bosses Day

Ideal Tone: Celebratory & Appreciative  

If you have the best boss around, let the world know on Bosses Day!  

This holiday is a wonderful opportunity to not only show off your brand culture. But also put a face to a name for all of your followers.

This simple share will help your many followers connect with your company in a genuine way.

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Team Photos, Event Photos, Infographics, Recipes

Halloween might be my favorite social media holiday on the entire calendar. There’s so much content to be shared, from spooky ghost stories to Halloween costume infographics. Plus you can literally celebrate it for the entire month!

I would recommend sharing a mix of spooky, funny and helpful content for Halloween this year. Let’s start with the humorous content:

Here are a few infographics that would make interesting shares:

This Halloween flyer is a little less helpful and much more creepy though:

Ideal Tone: Respectful & Humble

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Quotes

For this important holiday use Memorial and Independence Day as design guides. In other words, keep it simple but considerate.

I have already talked about being respectful on holidays like Veterans Day above, so let’s not rehash it again.

Extremely simple social media graphics thanking Veterans for their service are perfect:

Ideal Tone: Motivational

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Team Photos, Event Photos, Infographics, Quotes

Use National Entrepreneurs Day to both highlight entrepreneurs in your community and educate the public about the benefits of entrepreneurship.

Starting your own company or brand is now easier than it’s ever been in history. But some people might need an extra push or some useful advice.

These simple infographics could help someone take the first step of entrepreneurship this year:

And this tweet from the Small Business Association will give some more information:

Quotes or content from famous startup founders will also get a ton of shares on this social media holiday:

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Team Photos, Event Photos, Infographics, Recipes

Thanksgiving is another holiday, like Easter or Halloween, that you can celebrate for almost the whole month. Recipes and food infographics are going to get a ton of shares leading up to this food-focused social media holiday:

However, on the actual holiday, only a simple social media image or card should be shared:

If you have a Thanksgiving dinner at your office you can share photos from that as well!

November 30th – Small Business Saturday

Ideal Tone: Inspirational

Ideal Content: Creative Social Media Graphics, Team Photos, Event Photos, Infographics, Quotes

Small Business Saturday was created to highlight local businesses and brands during busy the shopping season. I would recommend approaching it the same way as National Entrepreneur Day but focus on the business or product instead of the person.

Additionally, quotes and stats about small business can be shared throughout the day:

I can guarantee, these templates will make it easy to craft your own unique social graphic:

December Social Media Holidays

Ideal Tone: Festive & Cheerful

Ideal Content: Creative Social Media Graphics, Team Photos, Event Photos,

The holiday season seems to start earlier each year, and people are not happy about that. So I would wait until December to begin sharing anything related to the holidays or Christmas.

This means you still have the entire month to share creative social media images! Here are a few examples if you want to say Happy Holidays this year:

December 22nd to 30th – Hanukkah

Ideal Tone: Joyful & Creative  

Ideal Content: Creative Social Media Graphics, Team Photos, Event Photos, Infographics, Recipes, Cards

Hanukkah lasts multiple days so you have a few opportunities to share some interesting content this year. From educational infographics:

Ideal Content: Simple Social Media Graphics, Cards, Team Photos, Event Photos, Infographics, Recipes

Now you don’t have to share Christmas content only on Christmas Day, that would be a waste. Instead, like with Thanksgiving, share a collection of creative graphics throughout the whole month of December.

Including some creative social media graphics:

Just make sure you have a healthy mix of all types of content. No one wants to see a different Christmas Card for 25+ days from your company on their social media feed!

You made it to the end! If you want to jump back to any specific holiday or Month, just click one of the links below:

Also, be sure to check out these other posts about creating better social media graphics!

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